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About Us

In our estate, "Five Elements" the five actual elements of our nature, according to Ayurveda, are harmonically combined to offer you unique moments, in a gala that will stay permanent in your memory and in the memory of your guests.

  • Earth: At your disposal are 4.000 square meters with groomed lawn, secured by a "wall" of tall trees, that ensures the necessary privacy of your party.
  • Water: Our impressive pool winks at you, while the minimalistic building reflects on it. The resistant deck that hugs protectively the pool, is specially designed for parties and galas, that last till the morning.
  • Fire:The barmen of our two bars, are skillfully preparing cocktails, that will skyrocket the mood instantly.
  • Space: From the huge and dominating door that welcomes you in the entrance of our estate, till the randomly placed decorative details, the steel adds high-tech points of aesthetic in the environment.
  • Air: The unique aesthetic field, uses the goddess technology and it can serve as a closed or open area, thanks to retractable glass walls and the electric roof.

The sixth element of course is our staff, that takes care instantly your needs and dreams: From the colorful fireworks that will light up the sky, and the selective caterings that will satisfy every appetite, to the stylish decoration that fits the area and the DJ with his musical choices that will contribute to your successful party.

Are your tired? Five Elements can take care of that, as well. Our honeymoon suite welcomes you, for a quick refreshment or a moment of rest. The night after all, will be long and wonderful, here at Five Elements.